Important Announcement!

New Blog Design

Happy Tuesday dear friends! I have an important announcement!

I have moved to WordPress!

[Cue choirs of angels singing.]

Blogger was starting to get on my n-e-r-v-e-s, so I made the jump and I’m so pleased. Marina from Penny Lane Designs worked her magic and here we are! If you’re reading this in an email or reader, I’d love for you to jump over to the site ( and see the new design. We’re still ironing out a few small things but most of the big changes have been made. Isn’t it beautiful?! I’m pretty sure Marina wanted to slap me a few times (me: “watercolor! glitter! I like it all! No I don’t like that!”) but she was so patient with me and did such a fantastic job.

You may need to update your readers/links. My url did not change, but the rss feed did (I think). I’d love for you to stick around and keep reading the posts and watching the videos. Now that we’re sleeping more (go Brooks!) I am getting back into vlogging and editing the videos.

Let me know what you think! xo!


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