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Welcome to Our Favorite Things: Blogger Gift Guide!Ten Bloggers, tons of gift ideas & 10 incredible giveaways (each blogger is giving away their entire basket of favorite things!!). Be sure and go check out each gift guide & giveaway and get to know all of these fun bloggers!

Can you believe Christmas is just about six weeks away?!

I haven’t started shopping but I have started brainstorming gifts. I am so excited to join with some fellow bloggers for a huge giveaway! We’re all giving away a gift basket we’ve curated – a basket of our favorite things!

My basket was inspired by my favorite “treat yourself” items. If someone gave me $75 and said, “Melissa, go treat yourself” these are the things I’d buy. This basket would be so much fun to give to a friend who has had a hard year, or to a friend who is a busy mom, or to a friend who always gives to others and never treats herself.

I just LOVE each of these items! Here are the details, going clockwise around the picture:

Sparkly Green Earrings by Melanie Shankle (of Big Mama Blog), $14.99 (list price): this book will have you doubled over in laughter, even if you’re not a mom. If you can read, this book is for you. It’s a fun, easy read, and is great for those laughs that you just need.

- Starbucks Gift Card, $10.00: need I say more?

Kelly Clarkson “Wrapped in Red” Christmas CD, Target, $11.99: I downloaded this album and – even though I’m on Team “Thanksgiving before Christmas,” I’ve been listening to it nonstop. I’ve always loved Kelly Clarkson and this CD is so fun for the holidays.

EOS Lip Balm, Target, $2.99: this lip balm tastes so good and it is so cute!

Merona Navy Paisley scarf, Target, $14.99: I love this scarf – it’s perfect for fall.

- Starbucks Reusable Tumbler, Starbucks, $1.00 (read about it here): I found out last week that Starbucks is selling reusable tumblers for just $1.00! When you bring the tumbler in and use it, you get 10 cents off your drink. Who doesn’t love to save the planet and save money?!

Essie Nail Polish in Ballet Slippers, Target, $8.49: this nail polish has always been my go-to polish. It’s neutral yet pretty, and can be worn year-round.

So, here’s how to win my gift basket!

Follow the Rafflecopter guidelines below. Be sure to go enter all of the other girls’ giveaways! You can really win some fun things! Pssst – there’s only one mandatory entry on my blog – just a blog comment!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. says

    I love this – you had me at Starbucks :) First thing on my favourite things list would be a Little Black Dress candle from Glasshouse Fragrances. Congrats on your gorgeous baby too..I am a first time mum to my little girl who is eight weeks old tomorrow..it’s great reading about other people’s journey in parenthood!

  2. says

    I have been obsessed with May Designs for a while, they hand sew together notebooks and have all sorts of fun designs for the inside and outside. I would add in a meal planner notebook from them, since it is almost 2014 and time to make resolutions! =) Love your blog, just discovered it through this Favorite Things basket giveaway.

  3. says

    My favorites things basket would include a Starbucks giftcard, Archer Farms (Target) Vanilla Creme Brulee K-Cups, EOS chapstick, an Ashley Brookes Design coffee mug, a RuMe reusable bag and a Women’s Health Magazine. This is such a fun giveaway!

  4. says

    I love your basket! My favorite things basket would be made up of stuff I love to do/buy, but often don’t splurge on! I would include a gift card for a manicure and pedicure, purity and hope in a jar by philosophy, and my favorite sugar lip treatment in rose.

  5. says

    If I was going to do a “favorite things” basket, and budget was not an issue (smile) it would include

    - a starbucks gift card
    - an infinitymom scarf
    - a meal planner book from May Designs (http://www.maydesigns.com)
    - a seasonal candle and hand soap from bath and body works
    - A Pampered Chef cookbook and garlic press
    - a pack of paper straws in gray or tan
    - one of these incredible metal head scratchers
    - a pair of smartwool socks
    - a 31Bits necklace (http://31bits.com)

  6. says

    I just got a new ceramic travel coffee mug that I LOVE, it’s Mr. Coffee and has a sweater texture & look on it. Super cute. So obviously a Starbucks gift card or coffee beans and maybe some gum and lipgloss. My favorite things!

  7. says

    Oh my goodness that nail polish is really pretty. I’m not a huge nail polish person, but I really like how simple and elegant it is and that it can be worn with anything :) Also, the book sounds hilarious. As a mom of 3, I think I’d really enjoy it!

  8. says

    Love the christmas cd, everyone loves a good christmas cd to get in the spirit! And what better thing to pair with it than starbucks. Love your basket! I wouldn’t change a thing! Love your blog too, its so great finding inspiring blogs to follow :)

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