Trip to Asheville

This weekend we had a fun trip with our closest friends. You probably remember that I’ve talked about my friend Ashley here before (she lives in Huntsville and had baby Chloe!). We grew up together and are more like sisters than just friends – and I miss her so much since we live so far away.

We also have another friend named Ashley – we all went to middle and high school together and grew up in the same neighborhood. These are my people. I just love them so much. We all brought our husbands, and the Ashleys brought their babies – and we met in Asheville for the weekend for what I hope is the first of a yearly tradition.

We stayed in a beautiful mountain house that I should have taken more pictures of, but we were so busy having fun. We arrived Friday night and after they put Chloe and Layne to bed, we stayed up playing The Newlywed Game – and laughed so hard.

Saturday, we drove into Asheville (we were actually staying in Mars Hill) and did a little walking and eating. It was a gorgeous day and it was fun to see all of the Christmas decorations in Asheville!

I can’t even remember the name of the place where we ate (it was right next door to Tupelo Honey), but it was good! We had fun relaxing while we waited for our table.

We just relaxed Saturday afternoon and evening. The boys cooked us dinner, we made s’mores by the outdoor fire, and we relaxed in the outdoor hot tub. I’m so thankful for these friends.

 It’s hard living so far from these people who are so precious to me, but I am so thankful for the ability to travel and meet in a place where we can relax and have fun together!

Here’s a little vlog:


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