The Cuteness Almost Killed Me.

Today Mr. D and I went puppy shopping!!

We have been talking about getting a dog and have been doing a lot of research. We are looking at goldendoodles because they don’t shed and are great family dogs.

We went to a breeder today and we are deciding between two adorable ones.

The white one with the straighter coat – she’s a little bigger and may shed more but boy is she cute:

And then the apricot colored one who is a little smaller and has little white marks on the tips of all of her feet. She has a more wavy coat that’s a little thinner and she showed a ton of personality. We only got pictures of her while she was asleep:

Ahh! The cuteness! As you can see we have a tough decision to make. I initially wanted one that looks more like the white one but I’m nervous she will be a huge dog and may shed more since she has more of a golden retriever coat. At the same time, I don’t want the adult coat to be super curly and it’s hard to tell how curly the apricot one’s coat will end up being. Maybe Mr. D will let me get them both??! (ha ha just kidding!)
Any of you Goldendoodle owners have any thoughts/advice?


  1. says

    SO adorable! I love the apricot one but only bc I’m partial bc we just got a golden retriever that’s the same color. Ours is 13 weeks, we’ve had her for 5 and are completely smitten with her. They’re wonderful dogs! Great choice! Good luck!

  2. says

    That’s what we did, got two of them. :) . We couldn’t decide so we got a boy and a girl! I’ve never regretted it either, they always had a play mate.

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