Voting and Love Languages {and the Week in Review}

Well… I think we all know what today is…


I do not air my political ideas online, but I do want to encourage you to go out and VOTE, no matter who you are voting for. I believe in respecting those of different opinions, and while I have been disappointed in a lot of folks and their lack of respect for differing opinions over the past several weeks, I truly hope that no matter who wins the election tonight, everyone will fully support our newly elected President.

I could say a lot more about this but I’m going to choose not to. But I did vote early and here’s the proof!

And now for the Week in Review. This week my main hope is that you understand my sense of humor and that I am kidding about what is said towards the end of the video. We have a pretty good discussion about love languages this week and I’m so interested to hear – what is your love language??

Happy Tuesday!


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    my husband and i got the book on tape and it changed our marriage. makes a difference for both to hear. i tried to tell him about it and it was my “slant” although i didn’t mean for it to be on the book. we both got a lot out of the book. so highly recommend listening to it together.

    i so enjoy your vlogs. yall are hilarious…

  2. says

    Hilarious. I need my husband to come and watch this (he enjoys your vlogs too!). My giving love language is definitely gifts. I’m always trying to buy stuff for my husband and he’s always like “Why did you get me that, I don’t need it.” It’s so funny how differently people interpret love and different actions.

  3. says

    The hubs had me read that book when we first started dating. I need to retake the test bc I think my language may have changed. Nothing better than when he does the grocery shopping. ;)

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