A Little Catch-Up: Beach Trip with Nana

Well, hello. I’ve fallen off the blogging path, it seems.

It irritates me when people say “oh, things have been so busy” but seriously. That’s the only way to describe my life right now. Busy/crazy/chaotic. I’m not complaining (well, maybe I am) – because I know I’m so blessed to be busy. But – I’m such a homebody. I love a slow, lazy day in my pajamas. I haven’t had a day like that in way too long, so I’m counting down the days to a slow weekend. In the meantime, though, I am enjoying the ride.

A couple of weeks ago, Nana took Kelly (my sister) and me to the beach to see an ice skating show. It was a whirlwind weekend but we had so much fun.

We went to the HomeGoods at Myrtle Beach (which is an awesome one) and they had this gigantic chair next to this gigantic Santa Claus. Nana was excited to have her picture taken!

Then we went to get ice cream at a little restaurant called Friendly’s. We were in hysterics because they have a McFlurry-type ice cream sundae on the menu called a “Friend-z” and I though it was pronounced “friendzzz” but Kelly informed me it was like “frenzy.” OHHH. Duh. {sorry for the fuzzy iphone picture}

We had a blast at the ice skating show – it was a Christmas show and there was ice skating, dancing, and singing. It was a tad cheesy but it was fun.

After the show, we stopped at Krispy Kreme for donuts (and vlogged some – Nana is making her vlog debut!)

Here’s the Week in Review video from the beach trip – I realized I am TWO vlogs behind here on the blog – so they are going to be for you today and tomorrow! {video below}

Next up, Thanksgiving! {come back tomorrow!}


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