Old Lady {week in review post}

I know I’m not really OLD old, but ever since my birthday this weekend, I have been falling asleep sitting straight up on the couch/in the car/etc. So pitiful!

Before I really get into my birthday recap, here’s a little housekeeping note. Since I have been asleep since Saturday, my Week in Review vlog just got finished and uploaded yesterday afternoon, and then I realized that here we are on Wednesday and I don’t have a Stop and Smell the Roses vlog. So check out Mandy’s blog to see all the vlogs this week!

So some parts of my birthday are explained in the vlog, and then of course I took some pictures for you at our brunch, where we had the most delicious mimosas, brown sugar waffles, and custom-made omelets. I pigged out but hey, when you turn 28, what else are you supposed to do?! Let me tell you about the brown sugar waffles. Basically they were heaven in my mouth. I don’t know how they were made but I expect one of you food bloggers to figure it out and email me the recipe.

Here’s to another wonderful year of life, many blessings, and me singing some Taylor Swift for you in the car with an air guitar. You’re welcome.

Oh and if you subscribe to my YouTube channel I’ll sing another song next week on the vlog.


  1. says

    Happy belated birthday friend!! Your video makes me laugh…my husband gives me such a hard time on my birthday too! Also? I love the Taylor Swift jam session :)

  2. says

    Happy (now belated) birthday! Your vlogs are my favorite bloggy-related thing of late.

    I talk about my birthday for at least a week before it and I even make (request?) my hub celebrate my 1/2 birthday! He should be glad, because it is such a good excuse for cake and delicious food to me!

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