31 Days of Letting Go… {of Expectation}

As I mentioned here, I have decided to join in on the 31 Days series in October, and I’ll be blogging about letting go.

I’m one of those people whose mind never stops. I am always worrying, thinking, analyzing, replaying things in my mind. I feel like my mind is always on overdrive, and it is exhausting.

I’m on a journey to start letting go of things. Letting go of the things that aren’t so important, but still get so much of my energy. I’m ready to live a more simple life – mentally, physically, emotionally, financially.

Today, I want to blog about letting go of expectation. I expect a lot – from God, my family, my friends. And I’m quite sure they expect a lot from me. I don’t want to let people down, and I don’t want to let myself down. But I have to start letting go of the perfectionist standards and too-high expectations I set for myself and others.

I’m not perfect. I’m not God. He has a handle on my life and is perfectly capable of making things happen exactly the way they are supposed to. I can cut myself some slack, and rest in His grace. I can remember that no one else is perfect, either, and allow others grace and forgiveness when my expectations have been too high.

So today, I’m letting go of expectation.

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  1. Haleypwilliams says

    I love that. Something I certainly need to be reminded of. Can’t wait to read more of your letting go series!

  2. says

    I needed to read this! I am SO hard on myself, and it literally makes me tired and upset at myself way too much. Thank you for this reminder!
    I blog at ‘Only A Breath’, and I’d love for you to stop by when you have time. I’m writing about “31 Days to Love Your Neighbor”. :) Have a great day!Melanie :)

  3. says

    Hi there!  Found you via the Nester’s 31 day link up and love your topic.  One of my personal “commandments” (as inspired by Gretchen Rubin and the Happiness Project) is to LET GO, LET GOD but I sure have a hard time letting go of… almost everything.  As if I can manage it better than Him!  I look forward to reading your posts and hopefully following suit.  For my 31 day challenge, I’m reading a Proverb a Day over at Eve Evolves.  http://eve-olve.blogspot.com/ 

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