Essie vs. OPI

In my land of at-home manicures, I have been debating for a long time which nail polish brand is my favorite. Aside from the fact that my nails usually end up looking like I had a blindfold on when I painted them, I generally end up pretty satisfied with my at-home manicures.

I never really put a ton of time or effort into my nails. I clip them, and every now and then I clip the cuticles using some really small scissors. Other than that, I just paint them. No filing or special treatment.

I am also really, really rough on my hands and nails. If I had to guess, that is directly related to my clumsiness. I am always running into doors, hitting my hands on things, getting my fingers stuck between doors, etc.

When I first discovered OPI nail polish, I swore by it. I discovered it right after Mr. D and I got engaged, and I got a manicure so that I could show off my new bling. I used OPI “Bubble Bath” and loved it. I bought a bottle, and it was my go-to polish for a long time.

OPI Bubble Bath via

Then, I stumbled upon Essie nail polish. I was confident that nothing would beat my love for OPI but I decided to give it a try.

I have to say that I was surprised by the result. While I still love OPI, I have found that for me, two coats of Essie lasts longer than two coats of OPI. I never use any base coat or top coat. But with all of my clumsiness and as rough as I am on my hands, two coats of Essie will usually get me through a full work week, if not a full seven days. OPI would get me through maybe three or four days.

My favorite Essie color so far has been “Ballet Slippers” – but I also love “Rock Candy” and “East Hampton Cottage.” I’m definitely a nude/light pink nail girl.

Essie Ballet Slippers via
What is your favorite nail polish color? Are you an Essie or OPI girl?



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    OPI, hands down. I’ve found Essie to be streaky and the brush is too narrow. I can go chip free with OPI for well over a week, especially on slower growing toenails, and I work with my hands!

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    DEFINITELY essie. I was always an OPI girl, until I saw an Essie color I wanted in CVS. Its not as thick and goes on a lot easier than OPI. Essie girl forever

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    I’ve always been an OPI girl. Bubble Bath is one my favorites, though I tend to go more dramatic on my toes…but that Essie color looks great and I have the same problem with being hard on my nails, so I may just have to give it a try! :)

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    I love your blog! I’m surprised I haven’t found it sooner. I will have to say even though I have heard great things about essie, I still always go for the OPI when I’m getting a manicure or buying polish. However, after reading your post I’m more inclined to reach for the Essie now. 

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    Ooh, it’s hard for me to pick a favorite brand of nail polish…I have so many that I like. I am a big fan of Essie, and I actually really love most of the Sally Hansen polishes as well, especially the strengthening ones! I usually only wear sheer/nude/neutral colors on my hands…I’m totally with you! I always end up chipping them in some way, and at least with the light colors it isn’t as noticeable!

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      I didn’t realize that they made the cute ltilte bottle set. I only like the pink color but I never use up a full bottle of nail polish anyways so it would be good to get the set.

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    I’m new to your blog and I LOVE how bright and clean it is. I’m an OPI girl! I actually finally tried Essie and I used 2 coats AND a top coat and it literally chipped in 1 day!! I’m a nurse and I wash my hands a lot, so maybe that’s why. The next thing I want to try is the Shellac…I just don’t wanna pay $30! Haha. 

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      kristinaAugust 20, 2012You can buy it many places onilne. Click on the first link in the sidebar under New to Stamping? and there are direct links to sellers on Amazon.

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