If You Suddenly Died Tonight, What Would You Regret Not Having Told Someone?

Back again with another vlog… this time I’m ashamed/embarrassed. I almost didn’t post this. :(

You can see the other vlogs here.

A little housekeeping: I am trying to make the vlogs a Tuesday/Thursday thing for predictability and consistency. Also, don’t forget to feel free to do a vlog on the topic and leave a link to your vlog post here in the comments!

Sorry for all of the ums and ahs and pauses… Mr. D asked me the question and didn’t give me a ton of time to think about it. Remember, you are seeing unedited videos!

I am really interested to hear what y’all would say to this question – if you are willing to post!


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    Okay, so I hope you don’t take this the wrong way because I definitely mean this as a compliment but you are looking so much more rested lately. Your skin is glowing and you just look fresh. {Not that you didn’t before! I hope that makes sense….}

    Hmmm…this is a tough question. I think I would wish that I had written a letter to my family beforehand to reassure them that even though it seems sad that they should try to rejoice in the knowledge that I was in Heaven and that everything was now perfect for me. They do know that I’m a Christian so I’m sure that they don’t have any doubt about where I will go after I die but I think that it would be nice for them to have tangible reassurance to hold on to after I’m gone. Wow, I feel kind of sad talking about myself in past tense… ;)

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    Ugh, that’s a really tough question!! I prefer not to think about those things but yes, I would like to leave a letter or video for my family. My MIL passed last December and she left some final words for us-that were very comforting

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